Thursday, October 23, 2008

You like Strawberry? How about RAWBERRY?!?!

Yes, I do realize that this outfit is completely awful, however when it's cold out and you're scraping your ski's it's acceptable. I managed to pull my sweatpants under my aa dress, and pile two cardigans on top. Yet I was still a bit chilly.

All that aside, I'm having a really awesome trip. It snowed almost a foot the other day, and the mountain went from brown to white in a matter of probably 20 hours. I've been working on my Giant Slalom this week, and I'm pretty pumped because I'm actually improving quite a bit. Today we also got to take out our Super G skis for a bit, and it was so sweet. Okay, for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, I'll try to put it in perspective: GS aka Giant Slalom is medium turns around blue and red gates with flags in the middle, SG aka Super Giant Slalom is slightly bigger turns than GS around similar gates, SL aka Slalom is tight turns around one pole gates which you can hit with your shins and poles, and lastly DH aka Downhill are super big turns around red gates(in the world cup people get going to over 150 km/h in DH).

Alright, so I feel like I should introduce you to my second family, also known as my ski team.
Here goes:

So, that's the team. I'm probably going shopping on Saturday, so I'll try to post more then.
BTW, the title is from a video on youtube, it's pretty funny, you may want to check it out. It's called: Powerthirst.


sam said...

i would love to link but what exactly is link???

sam said...

got it. i'm gonna go figure this out.

Anonymous said...

When you update your blog I will be stok-ed.

Suzanne said...

I updated it :)