Friday, July 3, 2009

Tula, my new love, in July.

A few months back a good friend of mine, along with a few others started an online Fashion magazine called Tula. Tula is a bi-monthly Calgary based mag that focus' on the arts, fashion, culture and the world around us. It's the perfect place for us to express what we think is important; it's our voice. I have written two articles now, and I plan to continue to. I really love that Tula is real. The people behind it are young and connected with their audience and the world in which they live.

The July article will be up in a few days, and I really hope that you'll check it out. Here's a sneak peak at the photo-shoot for my article: The Art of Getting Through an Identity Crisis (Fashionably)

photo by Keagan Pearlette.


CHICMUSE said...

seems great. love the photo.


the clothing project said...



Anonymous said...

Love the pink belt!

Jillian said...

Hey Suzanne,

I'm a journalism student at Ryerson in Toronto and I'm working on an article about the increasing role teens are playing in the fashion industry.

I'd love to do a quick email interview with you at some point in the next week.

Let me know!