Saturday, April 25, 2009

Who needs patterned tights when you've got patterned sunburn?

First off, I am super-duper sorry for being such a freaking lazy blogger!! I've been really busy with school and the play (I'm on the costume crew for my school's play), and I also went down to Mexico for Easter break. So, yeah, I do have somewhat valid excuses, however they certainly do not excuse my poor blogging behavior, err, lack of blogging behavior.....
Anyways, my trip to Mexico was brilliant! I was staying about an hour away from Cancun just outside of a town called Playa Del Carmen. It was amazing; the weather was warm, although there was a bit of a cold spell when we first go down there-only about 28 celsius!! I was a little camera lazy though, so i didn't get too many cool pictures. But I will show you the ones that I did get! Or if you want to see all of them, just add me as a friend on facebook, and when I post them on there you can see the full extent of my trip.

I had quite the adventure in the Denver airport....

The patterned sunburn I was referring to in the tittle. Yes, I know I need to learn how to put on sunscreen.

I felt that I absolutely needed to show you guys pictures of what one of the Art 20 students did because I think that it's just brilliant!!! She made a duct tape dress. I know, pretty badass. Mad props to you Vanessa. Take a look:

Last but not least I feel like I should introduce you to my good friend Keagan, who was actually the head of costumes for the play, and also has really amazing style. So this is what she was wearing when we were leaving to go get food after school before the play on Monday. I apologize that I didn't get that great of pictures, but my camera was dying, so I took what I could.

Keagan along with my friend Monica, whom you've met before and Dan, who played Oscar in our production of The Odd Couple.

So, it's one thirty in the morning and I'm fairly tired, as most nights I would've been in be about four hours ago. I know, I'm kind of a dork. I'm going to sleep now!!
Oh, and by the way, as soon as I got back to Calgary from Mexico it snowed. I am not a happy camper, as I was planning on pulling my longboard out! Hopefully it'll melt soon. Send me warm weather vibes!!!! Bye all, and comment away!!


yiqin; said...

I want a leather jacket!


carly said...

you legitimately have the worst style, okay.

Keagan said...

i love your tan. look im blogging too!

Tea said...

I want a leather jacket!