Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm watching skier cross :)

I'm quite excited for my birthday next month (it's the big sweet sixteen!!) because I'm hoping that my parents will get me this sony camcorder I've been looking at. I've always been interested in film, but never really had the chance to get into due to the lack of equipment and such. Hopefully if I do get it I can start making videos and I'll post them for you guys to watch! I'm not entirely sure what exact genre my videos will be, but I'll try different things and hopefully find my niche.

I was pretty bored the other day and I didn't want to do homework, so what else could I do but to go in my backyard and have an epic photo taking sesh!! So yes, I am a bit of a loser, but I did have a bit of fun with it :)

ps - I'll try to post the pictures from the dance as soon as my friends emails me this epic picture of my friends and I :)


Anonymous said...

Susie! Super shoot, love you little girl.
Also, I totally just thrifted a jacket like yours Friday, except it is beige. Super duper, we match, hello.
Beautiful outfit Little Girl, see you wednesday.

saray said...

love your jacket and jeans.. the colors are just great

Toothache and Vinyl said...

cool outfit!

Anonymous said...


not sure if you want to do anything with this , but i thought it was pretty neat .

ps , its HY .