Thursday, February 5, 2009

Squirrel suit?

I know, I'm a lazy blogger.

scarf (worn as shall) - AA, shirt - american eagle, necklace - aldo, jeans - some store in france whose name I'm not entirely sure of...

dress - vintage, necklace - aldo, cardigan - mom's, shoes - vintage

dress - vintage, vest - trifted + diy, shoes - vintage, bangle - vintage, necklace - aldo

pants - same as above, shirt - bluenotes, vest - vintage, necklace - aldo

I have been experimenting a little bit more with some of my pieces in the last week though. Including my AA circle scarf. I really do love it, I wear it almost everyday as a scarf or in one of the various other ways you can wear it.
Also, our school dance is tonight so I'm definitely bringing my camera and I'll post the pics tomorrow. :)


Anonymous said...

Suzy. Wednesday you need to bring me your circle scarf to let me borrow it and I will bring you my all-time favourite cardi, deal?

Anonymous said...

I wear a six. Petite feet.

yiqin; said...

Your thrifted vest is fabulous!