Sunday, January 18, 2009

circle scarf.

Alright, lazy blogger as I am, fashion hasn't been far from my mind. I was shopping yesterday for a dress for our upcoming school dance. Along with the dress (which is super cute!), I got quite a few other things, including on of those amazing AA circle scarves.I'm very excited to try the 12 different ways to wear it, and hopefully come up with new ones!
So I did manage to get photos of some of my favorite outfits this week, enjoy!

top - mothers, vest - vintage, skirt - H&M, necklace - aldo, scarf - mothers, shoes - payless

skirt - vintage + diy, shirt - tommy hilfiger, vest - vintage, necklace - aldo, socks - le chateu

photo credit -

ps - YES, I do realize that I seriously need a haircut, I'm thinking of going a little Hayley Williams. What do you think?


yiqin; said...

Wow, you have such amazing vests & you wear them SO well!

Anonymous said...

Suzanne we need to chill/you need to get your xmas giftie.

Sooo, I think that would be a rock solid idea, and such lalalala.

Get a pixie cut, you could rock that so well.

♥ fashion chalet said...

I love that gold leaf vest. Very cool vintage find!! Thanks for your warm comments and thoughtful notes. =]


saray said...

I wish we had school dances..

Anonymous said...

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