Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fashionable objects

Okay, so we all love cute clothing and jewelry, but what about other things that are fashionable. Things that you can't wear, but show off your personal style equally as well. I mean think about it; these are the things that we use everyday. For me, one of these things is Perrier water. I love this stuff; it not only tastes amazing, forces me to drink the right amount of water daily recomended, but it also makes me feel slightly more sofisticated. Think about it; not only is it water, but it's sparkling water. Objects may not be the only things reflect your style, but also it can be your habits, and your special quirks. What would you think if you saw someone wearing a pretty stylish outfit, she's very confident in it, and really owns it, but this isn't what catches your eye; it's the fact that she's drinking Orangina(a drink not typicly enjoyed by people in north america), while knitting. Now, what does this tell you about her personality?

Anyways, pretty much, my point is that sometimes when you think that some of the things you do are dorky, or random, they all affect yous style, character, and how others perceive you to be. I think that that's all pretty sweet.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god. I love Orangina. Is that how you spell it? Whatever, I love it.

Suzanne said...

I more of a perrier person when it comes to random drinks lol