Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Okay, so here it is.

Hi, so my name is Suzanne, and I pretty much have two passions in life: Ski Racing, and Fashion. This blog is about one of those passions. Fashion. I love fashion because it can be influenced by anything or anyone. I love that the word "fashionable" can mean anything because it is not limited to one look. One thing that I really hate is when everyone dresses the same. An example of this is my old school. Although we didn't have a school uniform, everyone pretty much wore the exact same thing, and shopped at all the same places. The normal outfit of a girl at this school would include a tna hoodie, too tight jeans, and t-shirts. The lack of creativity at this school was suffocating. I've always admired people who have the courage to try something new and very different with their clothes. Personally, I never hold back with my style for fear of making a mistake or looking like a loser. Style is meant to be experimented with, so what if you make a mistake; it just leaves room to make it better next time.
Well, now you know a few things about how I feel about fashion. Hopefully you'll keep reaing to find out more.
PS, I realize that this picture makes me look like a dorkus, but I really like this outfit for summer :)

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