Sunday, December 28, 2008

Did everyone have a good holiday?

Okay, just a quickie today.
I'm super pumped about new years eve :). I've got a party all lined up and everything! The one problem is; I have no idea what I'm going to wear. Should I just go casual with jeans a t-shirt, and a sweater, or should I fancy it up a bit and wear a cute dress?
Feedback, please!!!
haha, so here's the outfit I wore hanging out with a few of my friends the other day:

shirt (plaid) - thrifted old navy, shirt (pink) - jacob, jeans -F21, necklace - aldo
oh, I'm drinking coolaid btw. I just figured I'd clear that up..

ps - we were being snowmen :)


sam said...

hey! great post! just wanted to let you know i started a new blog, perhaps we could link up again?

Fashion Tidbits said...


Anonymous said...

Cute cute cute, you little snowgirl.
Wear a dress, durrrr.

P.S. I blogged, finally.

Anonymous said...

I decided Billiam would enjoy it. Also, he makes my ass fierce! Ahaaaa, oh wow.