Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Feel Like a Flying Squirrel

So right now I'm just chillin at home, and watching BBC news. The traffic was ridiculous when my mom tried to drive me to school today, so she turned around and came home. I swear, when it snows some people just forget how to drive, haha. BUT, it has been snowing which I'm very excited about. I'm pretty pumped to get out skiing again, although I decided that I didn't want to race this year, so instead I've decided I'm going to coach little kids :). How fun will that be?! Haha, I'm very excited though. I love little kids; they're so funny.

So I've got a few outfits for you today. Enjoy!

blaser - divine, shirt - old navy, jeans - forever 21 (I think, they're really old),
belt - winners, necklace - aldo accessories

wow, I look pretty scary here.. haha

jacket - divine

dress - divine, blaser - divine,
necklace - aldo accessories, shoes - payless

sweatshirt - hanes, jeans - forever 21,
boots - fox (jacked from me mommy =]), necklace - aldo accessories


Anonymous said...

Oh you stylish girlie, you.

Suzanne said...