Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Alright, so happy 2009 (in however many hours that is) everyone! I'm super pumped for tonight, it'll be a blast.

I appreciate all of your input and after alot of consideration I have decided on outfit C. I think it'll be the best one because it's practical enough that I can wear it all evening. I also love that it has really big pockets so that i can keep my camera and my phone with me at all times :). I think I may wear different shoes though.. I'm still deciding there.

So yesterday was quite an adventure if I do say so myself! A few of my friends and I decided to go shopping on seventeenth ave, but we had to take the bus and the c-train to get there. Now, I'll be completely honest; I am horrible at using public transit. Don't get me wrong, I use it everyday to get to school, but that's only two buses that I need to know the routes for and their some pretty main ones. There is also the problem of me only really taking the c-train about 5 times a year because I never really need to. So knowing all this I'm sure you can imagine how it all turned out. We made it from my friends house to the train station okay, and all was going well until we got of a few stops too early. It wasn't that big of a deal though because we were already downtown and the next stop was only about two blocks away. There was also the problem of the temperature. You'd think that three girls who have lived in Calgary their whole lives would know how to dress for the weather, but no. So we didn't really want to wait at a bus stop and take the bus the ten blocks over we had to go. So we decided it would be a fantastic idea to walk there using the +15's, or at least part of the way. So, +15's are pathways connecting a bunch of the main buildings in downtown. That was all a hackshow and a half, but eventually we did make it to 11 ave using those and we knew how to get to seventeenth from there, but it was all quite silly.
Here's some pictures from our adventure:

on the bus..

using one of the random +15 touch screen maps they had

Have a great new years eve everybody!!


yiqin; said...

The vest looks so good on you! :) Happy New Year!

Kirke said...

Cute :)
And also happy new year!

♥ fashion chalet said...

haha fun, I used to switch my lace colors back in middle school and high school. so fun!! :)

happy new years
and thanks for the comment, lovey! x

Anonymous said...

Susie, that jacket is a beaut. Is it the one from Divine? I think I need to come raid your closet.

yiqin; said...

Have added you :) Have a great day :D