Friday, August 29, 2008

What to wear on a glacier

This morning I was packing for my trip to Camp Greene on Farnham glacier, and I then I realized that I have no idea what you wear on a glacier. I packed all my ski stuff no problem, but when it came to casual clothes to wear in the down time, I was clueless. So, for once in my fashion career I played it safe. I packed a few pairs of jeans, a bunch of T-shirts, a few of my comfy cardigans, and my favorite Lululemon hoodie. Although there's nothing wrong with any of these items, they can make some pretty cute outfits, it's just that it's all pretty boring. As hard as I've tried to think of ways to add some interest to my outfits without looking like I've tried too hard, I couldn't think of anything. Usually when I'm in the city, I'll just throw a belt over a dress, or tie a scarf around my head, but I feel that when I'm on the top of a mountain with nothing around me accept for about thirty tents and three snowcats that this may look slightly out of place. I realize that I may be slightly overanalizing this situation, but I am still very confused about what I'm going to wear.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jenny Han

Wow, I've just found one of the sweetest designers. Jenny Han. She's been on the scene since 2004, and is based in LA. She is amazing. I was just looking at some photos from her show at LA's fashion week. I really love her style. It is classic and romantic, but it is also very unique. The colors are very fall; lots of darker blues, greens and browns. Although I think I that I may need to look more at Fashion week in places like Paris, and New York where the weather is more similar to here in Canada. Many of these looks would only work in the summer here, but they are cute none the less. Let me know what you think, enjoy.

Lauren Conrad

So, I'm a huge fan of The Hills, and Laguna Beach. I'm also an even bigger fan of Lauren Conrad. I browsing some of the fall 08' looks when I stumbled across some pictures of her show from LA fashion week. I really like her line. One thing that I love about it is that it is very simple and elegant. If I could afford it, I would be on this collection like a fat boy on cake.
These are a few of my favorite peices:

I really love the sleek silouette of this dress, and also I love how the pattern adds some intrest to the dress without it being overwhelming.

I'm pretty sure that Lauren wore this dress when she went to dinner with Stephen in season 3, or on her date with Doug in the first episode of season 4. It may have just been a similar dress though.

I love that this outfit has kind of a Parisian chic look to it.

This is definiatly my favorite dress, I love the two colors, and where the line that seperates them is. It makes the dress very beautiful, and it would be flattering on pretty much anyone.

Normally I'm not one for maxi-dresses, but I really like how this one fits. It looks really good, but I'm not sure if it would work on people with a little more meat on their bones, if you know what I men. Because really, not all of us are international supermodels who only weigh about 90 lbs.

Tell me what you think of the collection.

Things I love about starting a new school

Okay, so in a few weeks I will be starting grade ten at a new school. I don't really know to many people at this school, but I am very excited about it. Here are a few reasons why I am, and if you're in the same situation as I am, you should be too:
  • If ever you've wanted to totally revamp your style, and/or attitude, this is the time.
  • It's an amazing chance to meet new people, and try new things.

  • You can get away from all the people that you've been around forever from your old school, of course you'll stay in touch with a few people, but don't you think it's time for a change.

Okay, so that's all I can think of for right now, but if I think of anything else, I will let you know :)

Fashionable objects

Okay, so we all love cute clothing and jewelry, but what about other things that are fashionable. Things that you can't wear, but show off your personal style equally as well. I mean think about it; these are the things that we use everyday. For me, one of these things is Perrier water. I love this stuff; it not only tastes amazing, forces me to drink the right amount of water daily recomended, but it also makes me feel slightly more sofisticated. Think about it; not only is it water, but it's sparkling water. Objects may not be the only things reflect your style, but also it can be your habits, and your special quirks. What would you think if you saw someone wearing a pretty stylish outfit, she's very confident in it, and really owns it, but this isn't what catches your eye; it's the fact that she's drinking Orangina(a drink not typicly enjoyed by people in north america), while knitting. Now, what does this tell you about her personality?

Anyways, pretty much, my point is that sometimes when you think that some of the things you do are dorky, or random, they all affect yous style, character, and how others perceive you to be. I think that that's all pretty sweet.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Okay, so we've all seen it: in the past few seasons many designers have put a twist on many classic men's styles, and made them into women's fashions. Well, in my mind, it makes more sense to go buy men's clothing and turn it into women's clothing myself. This way there is a very slim chance that another girl will be wearing the same thing, of course a guy may be. But still, really, doesn't this make more sense than paying excessive amounts of money on some scrap of fabric that used to be a suit jacket, when you could go buy a guys jacket, which is probably half the price, and make it into something cute yourself. I did this the other day at old navy. I went into the guys section and found a sweater vest. There were people looking at me funny when I went up to the register to pay for it, but when I got home, I managed to find a skinny black belt in the back of my closet to cinch the waist of the vest, then I paired it with a simple short black skirt and off I went. I felt really cute, and also very feminine in it too. So, next time you pass the guys section in a store; you may just want to stop and take a peek. :)

Okay, so here it is.

Hi, so my name is Suzanne, and I pretty much have two passions in life: Ski Racing, and Fashion. This blog is about one of those passions. Fashion. I love fashion because it can be influenced by anything or anyone. I love that the word "fashionable" can mean anything because it is not limited to one look. One thing that I really hate is when everyone dresses the same. An example of this is my old school. Although we didn't have a school uniform, everyone pretty much wore the exact same thing, and shopped at all the same places. The normal outfit of a girl at this school would include a tna hoodie, too tight jeans, and t-shirts. The lack of creativity at this school was suffocating. I've always admired people who have the courage to try something new and very different with their clothes. Personally, I never hold back with my style for fear of making a mistake or looking like a loser. Style is meant to be experimented with, so what if you make a mistake; it just leaves room to make it better next time.
Well, now you know a few things about how I feel about fashion. Hopefully you'll keep reaing to find out more.
PS, I realize that this picture makes me look like a dorkus, but I really like this outfit for summer :)